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What is Missionary Media Services?
Along with Spreading the Gospel, Latin Media Ministries seeks to use its facilities, expertise, and equipment for the Glory of God by helping other missionaries. Every missionary or overseas ministry needs technology to aid the ministry.

The value of media in this day and age is growing at an increasingly fast rate. One wise man once said a picture is worth a thousand words, well a video has around 30 frames per second.

Missionary Media Services is a ministry of LMM.

Check out or Projects page which has some sample videos of missionary promotions.

Prices for Video Projects:

  • All shooting days may require additional fees for travel.
  • Videos below include One master DVD or VHS.
  • Additional copies cost $3 dollars (30 copies or more only $2.25 per copy)
  • For longer videos of a combination of videos please contact us
  • 1 Minute Video – editing only:  $150
    • 1 Minute video – editing and with 1 day of shooting: $225
    • Each additional day of shooting is $75 each
    • Each day after the fourth day of shooting is $100
  • 2 Minute Video – editing only : $200
    • 2 Minute video – editing and with 1 day of shooting $275
    • Each additional day of shooting is $75 each
    • Each day after the fourth day of shooting is $100
  • 3 Minute Video – editing only $300
    • 3 Minute Video – editing and with 1 day of shooting $375           
    • Each additional day of shooting is $75
    • Each day after the fourth day of shooting is $100
  • 4 Minute Video – editing only $400
    • 4 Minute Video – editing and with 1 day  of shooting $500
    • Each additional day of shooting is $75 each
    • Each day after the fourth day of shooting is $100
  • 5 Minute Video – editing only $500
    • 5 Minute Video – editing and with 1 day of shooting $575
    • Each additional day of shooting is $75 each
    • Each day after the fourth day of shooting is $100

If you choose to use your own footage for any promotional videos for us to edit, please follow the guidelines below.
Video Guidelines *

1.)      We will be providing the editing of your footage so you don't have to be a video expert to participate.  In order for us to do this, footage needs to be shot with a digital camcorder using either a Mini DV or HDV or digital8 format tape.  This tape must arrive to us at least two weeks before you expect the video to be complete.

2.)      As we know you are extremely busy in your ministry and don't have time to take on a short film project, and we will have a lot of footage to edit; we would ask that you provide us with only the tape or tapes you feel are a necessity to the project.

3.)      If your video contains a narrative of you or you and your spouse, please film this in a well lit, quiet, indoor location.  While "on location" filming is very cool, what we really need from this piece is strong audio of your narrative and there often noise factors outdoors such as cars, wind, and people that are beyond control and will it.

4.)      Framing for this main shot is also important.  In video and photography, we use the "law of thirds".  This means you divide your video screen into a tic-tac-toe grid and always shoot with the subject's eyes on the upper third line of the screen.  Please observe and follow the examples below:

One person shot with eyes on upper third.       

Two person shot with height difference split.


5.)      This shot is important and you can decide how you want it to be, but here is an example of a narrative that works well:  Tell us a little about the specifics of what life is like in your part of the world (first part- about 1/3), what your ministry does there (2nd part - about 1/4), and continue with one testimony or story of something cool that has recently happened in your life or in the life of someone effected by your ministry (3rd part - about 1/2) and lastly provide a clincher or something to gather attention and conlude ( about 1/4).  Time breakdowns are approximate.

6.)      As we will show it all with graphics when we edit, you don't have to waste time telling us your name or ministry's name.  When you start filming this, please leave 3 seconds of silence before you begin your narrative and 3 seconds after you are finished.  Just keep looking at the camera during this time as it gives us room to edit in and out of the piece.  Relax when you shoot this and don't be afraid to do several takes.

7.)      Once you are done with main shot, we do need you to shoot some "cutaway" or "b-roll" shots.  When we edit your piece, the main shot is your narrative but we will cut away to action shots that show what you are talking about.  Please give thought as to what you talk about during your narrative as this will tell you what you need to film for these shots.  If you talk about an orphanage, please film a few shots at the orphanage, etc.

8.)      All of these shots should be at least 10 seconds long and the audio doesn't matter so you can even say what you are filming to help us out when we edit.  Use the same "law of thirds" for framing.  Try and keep your shots steady and any pans or zooms consistent and slow so that no one gets motions sickness when they watch this!  Always use a tripod when you can. 

9.)      Shoot close!  The biggest mistake people make when filming (besides framing) is that they shoot too many wide shots in an effort to take it all in.  That usually means there is too much in the frame and your end audience doesn't know what you are trying to show them.  A few wide shots are great to establish location but close ups are where the emotion is.  A close up of a precious child's face tells a lot more story than a crowded wide shot of the office at a ministry's headquarters.

10.)  Lastly, we will provide you with one DVD (which we can copy) upon request.

  Thanks very much for your interest in Latin Media Ministries. We hope that together we can make this project a huge success!

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments or visit our Contact Us page to leave us a message.

* some of the guidelines and pictures were borrowed from Canyon View Christian Fellowship Creative Team

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