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Latin Media Ministries is still a growing ministry as most are! There are several pressing needs for Latin Media Ministry to survive and thrive. Below is a wish list of all the items we need to continue serving God through media:

  • 2 HD Camcorders ( Sony HVR Z1U $4699.95 ea)
  • 2 Professional Tripods (Manfrotto) $800.00
  • Long Black curtains to cover the inside of the studio for sound and aesthetics. $250.00
  • Bathroom facilities at the studio in La Vega. $1600.00
  • Volunteers to help with Latin Media Ministry as an internship or as a short term missions trip. Priceless
  • Large 52" Television for background use on the set. $2300.
  • 2 or 3-input Video Mixer for productions on the field. $1200.
  • External Sound Card & Analog to Digital Converter for Audio $325.00
  • Studio lights $4000.00

  • Being non for profit and making our services affordable to Christians around this nation makes equipment tough to afford to buy. Any donations are greatly appreciated and will be used. Please contact us if you are interested in donating any equipment or the money needed to purchase new or used equipment.

    As mentioned before, we are seeking talented volunteers to come and aid us in this venture, if you know anyone who could possibly help with Latin Media Ministries, please contact us.

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