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What is Latin Media Ministries?

 Latin Media Ministries exists to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,”by all possible means” (1 Cor. 9:22). Whether it is assisting missionaries in promoting their ministries or producing a television program for anointed ministers, LMM is committed to excellence in broadcasting.

Latin Media Ministries is a Christ-Centered Ministry based out of La Vega Dominican Republic dedicated to producing quality Christian media communications:  from television and radio broadcasting, to film and sound recordings, from internet or web content to the print media. Mitchell Martinez, founder of LMM is a current missionary to La Vega with is wife Debbie Martinez.

Mitchell Martinez
Mitchell P. Martinez, Founder/Director and Executive Producer. Nine  years  experience in radio and television broadcasting.  Served as master control and sales at WCCT TV 57 Columbia, SC.  Announcer and News reporter for WMHK 89.7 FM , also as an announcer at WBJB Lincroft , New Jersey .   FCC Licensed radio operator.  A.A.S. Degree in Communications in Print and Broadcast Journalism.  B.A. in Missions, MA Biblical Studies.
Currently Mitchell is serving God in the Dominican Republic as a Missionary. Mitchell has planted five churches and has also started the first Christian School in La Vega, a city of over 300 thousand. He also started a Bible Institute where he currently teaches students. For more information on Mitchell please visit his website
Contact Info:
Cellphone: 809-757-9928
Home Phone: 809-573-1533
Vonage Phone: 863-248-1119
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Elias Castillo
Elias Castillo, 4 years Technical Director/Editor and Floor Manager for Latin Media Productions.  Independent film (Red/Coffee Productions) and video maker  for 6 years.  Journalism instructor and Public Relations at La Vega Christian School. Producer of “Tu Escondite TV”, a youth program for television.
Contact Info:
Cellphone: 829-399-8128
Home Phone: 809-573-1147
Office Phone: 809-573-3033

Paul, Elias and Mitch
Paul M. Martinez, Creative Director and Video and Website Specialist.  BS in Broadcasting from Southeastern University.  5 years freelance videographer.  5 years asst. producer for TV program “ La Biblia Para Hoy”. 
Contact Info:
Cellphone: 829-884-6920
Home Phone: 809-573-1533
Vonage Phone: 863-248-1119


Phase 1:  To Build a TV Production Studio to produce quality Christian television programs.  This includes the facility and the equipment needed.  Before proceeding to the next phase we have as a goal to be producing on a regular basis at least three different TV programs that will actually be on the air.  We will also be looking into the possibilities of getting an AM radio station and an UHF (Ultra-high Frequency) TV Channel.

 Phase 2:  The purchase of at least a four hour block of daily space on a TV Cable channel, until a channel can be purchased.  We want to also have at least one program airing throughout Latin America and Spain .  Our goal is that the studio will be self-supporting by this time.  We would have a sound studio prepared in conjunction with our future radio station.  We would hope to be producing more TV programs. 

Phase 3:  Purchase of 24-hour Cable Channel or UHF channel.   The production of Christian TV series and movies to impact the secular media.

Please Contact Us if we can help you with any video or audio need and if you feel the need to help us out in any way or if you have any ideas or suggestions that can help us out. Also we are always looking for volunteers to join us!

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